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The Best Of Will | Holiday Gift Bundle

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You are safe with us

No Parabens

No Artificial Coloring

No Aluminum Zirconium and No Aluminum Chlorohydrate

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

No Synthetic Oils

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Why we love it:

  • Includes an assortment of Way of Will’s most loved, best-selling products
  • The perfect gift for your favorite people in the whole world, so you can show them how much they mean to you
  • Natural ingredients with nothing to hide
  • Enriched with pure-grade essential oils that nourish the body and mind

How to use it:

BRIGHTENING FACE SERUM: Apply 2-4 drops of serum in your palms and rub them together. Once warmed, pat serum gently onto face.

STRENGTHENING NAIL AND CUTICLE SERUM: Apply 1-2 drops of serum on nails and cuticles daily. Reapply as needed.

FACE CLEANSER ALL SKIN TYPE: Pump a small amount of face cleanser onto clean fingertips. Gently massage onto damp face in upward, circular motions, taking care to avoid the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with water or remove excess with a damp washcloth.

45 REFRESH 100% NATURAL BODY WASH: Wet skin in the shower and apply a quarter-sized amount of body wash over your body using your hands, loofah, or washcloth. Rinse thoroughly.

MUSCLE SOAK BATH SET | HIMALAYAN SALT + ESSENTIAL OIL: Pour ¼ (2oz) of the bath salt container and 10-15 drops of the activating essential oil blend to warm bath water and soak for 20-30 minutes, or as long as desired. The essential oil blend can also be used separately in a diffuser.

03 SOOTHE AND COOL MASSAGE OIL: For optimal results, apply after a refreshing shower while skin is still damp. Warm 5-8 drops of oil by rubbing palms together and then massage directly onto desired area(s) of the body until fully absorbed by the skin. Repeat process as needed.

01 NATURAL DEODORANT | PEPPERMINT AND LAVENDER: Spritz once or twice in desired area(s) for long-lasting freshness and protection against odors.

Use daily with other Way of Will products to create an active oil skin-care system optimized for your unique needs.

Customer Reviews

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it was a gift my friend loved it

This is awesome! We're glad you loved your product. We hope you can also recommend us to your friends and families.


The Best Of Will | Holiday Gift Bundle

Thanks for the review!