The idea for this brand was inspired by my dad when he was very ill and stayed in the hospital for eight months–this happened about a year and a half ago. Cancerous cells spread to his brain, which caused him to be confused and unable to recognize a lot of things around him.  Although he couldn't express himself well, I, my sister and my mom took care of him day and night; trying to stimulate his mind in every way. I started to notice that the only time he would react and show happiness was when he smelled food or other familiar scents around him. It was then that I started to realize how powerful scent could be and started to look into the benefits of scent stimulation.
Based on my product development experience, as well as having a close friend who is a certified aromatherapist, I started to learn more about the benefits of natural essential oils. I have been working out and going to the gym for more than 10 years. While I'm not a bodybuilder by any means, I am very passionate and consider myself very knowledgeable in this area. Based on my experience, I discovered a lot of behaviors and needs from people who go to the gym. I thought, "how great would it be to have natural products that could enhance the experience of working out?"
In the end, developing a line of functional products based on natural ingredients and the power of essential oils and aromatherapy for people who work out made the most sense to me. This is a very personal line for me because it is infused with my personal experiences and interests. It seemed appropriate to name the brand WILL; not only is that my name, it also represents willpower, which working out and pursuing your passion both require!