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Why Tinctures?

As an herbalist, I trust the pharmacy of Mother Nature in providing the best remedies for us. By utilizing the art of extraction process, a liquid tincture is up to ten times higher in absorption rate in comparison to powders, tablets, or capsules. Therefore, tinctures are fast-acting and have optimum level of bioavailability for the body.

Mr. Iman Navab, registered healthcare provider, homeopathic practitioner, botanist

Gū Society tinctures were formulated based on my expertise on the modern science of immunology and herbal medicine. The carefully selected mushrooms contain naturally occurring fungal polysaccharides that exhibit many therapeutic properties, including maintenance of a healthy immune system and high levels of antioxidants.

Nowadays, it is more important than ever before to nourish and maintain a healthy body and keep a strong immune system. These functional mushrooms are time-tested to be beneficial to both the body and mind.

Mr. Iman Navab, registered healthcare provider, homeopathic practitioner, botanist

Our Brand

Gū Society is an alternative health and wellness brand that harnesses the natural benefits of functional mushrooms to nourish and power the body and mind. We are committed to developing products that are truly good for you from inside out, using only the best ingredients that nature has to offer.

Our name, Gū, is taken from the Chinese word for mushrooms, and is backed by science and rooted in the centuries-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our founder, Willie Tsang, grew up learning and witnessing the natural healing powers and benefits of functional mushrooms. He was inspired to share this part of his heritage and culture with the world, as he believes that health and wellness should be accessible, natural, and lasting.

We are dedicated to meticulous research and product integrity to ensure that all our functional mushroom products meet the highest standards and are truly good for the body, mind, and soul. We proudly work with Mr. Iman Navab, an established homeopathic practitioner, researcher, botanist, and registered healthcare provider, to develop our products and create proprietary functional mushroom blends that contribute to meaningful and lasting wellness.

Our Mission

Gū Society was established with the desire to harness the ancient and impressive natural benefits of functional mushrooms. We believe in the healing benefits of mushrooms and its ability to sustain the mind, body, and soul.

Our Vision

To become the leading functional mushroom wellness brand that offers natural health products that are well-researched, thoughtfully developed, and accessible for everyone.

Values + Philosophy

Well-Researched: Everything we develop is put through a rigorous research process. Knowledge is central to what we do here at Gū Society, and we are invested in taking care to make sure we produce the best possible products.

Quality Ingredients: Our products have nothing to hide and we understand that trust is built on a foundation of transparency. Our team sources the best quality ingredients to create industry-standard products that you feel safe consuming.

Functional and Nutritional: This is not a fad or trend, therefore, we understand your commitment to your overall health and well-being. We create products that complement and support your healthy, active lifestyles. True wellness starts slowly from the inside out and we are dedicated to creating functional, nutrive products that assist you on your journey.

Our Promise

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