What are the benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils are a combination of organic compounds derived from a single botanical source. It can be distilled or extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots or other elements of a plant. An essential oil may consist hundreds of chemical compounds that contribute to its scent and therapeutic functions.

Essential oils help on a holistic level, both physical and mental when used correctly. When applied physically, the essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and can help with certain health conditions. When inhaled, the essential oils can benefit the user on an emotional or mental level. The olfactory system plays a large role in restoring one’s emotional balance.

Are the properties of essential oils scientifically proven?

The study of the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy is a vast and rich field that is continuously evolving. Aromatic plants have been used in ancient times for their medicinal properties and scientists continuously experiment with these plants to unlock definitive results. There are a number of publications that show the effectiveness of essential oils with varying functions.

What is your quality of oil compare to other companies?

Our essential oils are tested and recognized for their quality and purity in Europe. Gas Chromatography (GC) is a measurement we use to test the chemical components in each batch of essential oils. All the essential oils we receive are tested by our Certified Aromatherapist.

Are your products all natural?

We only use 100% natural oils in our products

How does aromatherapy work?

Essential oils have many therapeutic properties that target certain health conditions. The effectiveness of aromatherapy depends on many different factors such as the types of oils and how it is applied.

#1 Routine skin absorption of vitamins and other functional properties

#2 Consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents

Why should I choose natural skincare products?

Natural skincare products provide an alternative solution to products that contain synthetic and man-made chemicals. We believe that natural skincare products, when used correctly, are better for the body in the long run. We encourage our customers to listen to their own body and use formulas that work for them.

Can I use Way of Will products during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

We do not recommend pregnant or breastfeeding women to use our undiluted essential oils as they contain a higher dosage of essential oils than the recommended amount during pregnancy.

Other than our pure grade undiluted essential oils, all of our products are carefully formulated to be used safely.

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