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Way of WILL Roster

Lindsay and Sal

Lindsay McFarlane/Sayeed
Sal Sayeed
Ottawa but call Toronto home now
oakville, ont
Favorite way to sweat:
right now...RUNNING
playing basketball or sparring
Favorite post-workout snack:
natural peanut butter and toast.
protein shake or bar
Favorite cheat meal:
popeyes chicken tenders and mashed potatoes with a dr.pepper
Guilty Pleasure:
the Sims (PC gaming)
Favourite Book:
Harry Potter
the mindful athlete by george mumford
Best song to dance to:
anything from Usher or Bieber.
Jay Z Punjabi MC Knight Rider Remix
Best song to sweat to:
Fresh Air by Future
Kanye west - Power
Most memorable country you visited:
New Zealand...Kia Ora!
Mexico :):)
How did you guys meet?
Orientation for Brock University...he was wearing a "Vote for Pedro" shirt lol
In summer orientation at Brock University
Do you sweat together?
yes! we go to the gym and do yoga together.
yes! We love to take yoga classes and lift weight together