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Name: Lili Viola

Hometown: Toronto

Favorite way to sweat: Pilates and cycling

Favorite post-workout snack: Eggs and avocado or Nomz energy bites

Favorite cheat meal: I don’t cheat! But if I’m craving ice cream, HALO Top low carb ice cream is my go-to treat.

Guilty Pleasure: once a month massage!

Best song to sweat to: Currently it's Drake’s Nice for What or Perro Fiel by Shakira

Most memorable country you visited: I have traveled a lot within North America and Europe but one of my favorite places remains California with its diversity, having mountains, deserts and beaches all so close to one another. I absolutely love the Palm Springs area as well as the Southern California coastal beach towns. And I can’t forget the Florida Keys and Miami where I grew up.
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Learn more about Lili Viola

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