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Your Top FAQ’s on Natural Deodorant, Honestly Answered

Are you a die-hard natural deodorant user? Well, if you’re wondering about making the switch, we have rounded out the most-asked questions about what you can expect from using Way of Will’s natural, essential oil-infused natural deodorants

Is it normal for a person’s natural body odor to change after using natural deodorants?

The smell of an individual’s sweat often changes based on a few different factors, like the foods they consume, the climate they’re in, the clothes they wear, and even their emotional state. Using our natural deodorants may contribute to a change in body odor, but it is typically caused by a combination of different factors. Our deodorant helps to deter odor-causing bacteria from growing on your skin so you can be active and have a peace of mind. 

Does natural deodorant help with over-sweating?

Usually, antiperspirants rely heavily on aluminum compounds to clog sweat glands and minimize sweating. Our natural deodorants do not contain harsh chemicals like aluminum, propylene glycol, or phthalates, which get absorbed by our bodies through the skin. Sweating is a natural occurrence that allows your body to cool down during a workout or when it’s hot. Our deodorants allow this natural and necessary process and work to give your skin a breathable solution by controlling odor instead.

Can children use Way of Will deodorants?

Our deodorants are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any aluminum compounds, parabens, or artificial coloring agents, so they are safe for use on children ages 8 and older. However, anyone with sensitive skin or allergies may experience skin irritation or sensitivity, so a patch test is recommended.

Is Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) used in the deodorant free of aluminum?

Our 02 deodorants do not contain any aluminum. Our 01 deodorant sprays, however, contain Potassium Alum, which is actually a type of natural mineral salt. The difference between Potassium Alum and other aluminum compounds generally used in conventional deodorants like Aluminum Zirconium and Aluminum Chlorohydrate, is that Potassium Alum is not absorbed into the skin. It functions by forming a thin layer on the skin, rather than clogging underarm pores. When absorbed by the skin, Aluminum Zirconium and Aluminum Chlorohydrate can have estrogen-like hormonal effects, which can lead to health risks and even cause cancer.

Does your deodorant leave stains on clothing?

The short answer is no. If you experience yellow stains on white or light-colored clothing, it is likely from sweat and bacteria. This is because our aluminum-free formula allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t block pores. It only controls odor. 

To reduce the chances of this occurring, apply a thin layer of deodorant and wait until it is fully dried before putting on your clothes.

Do your deodorants use virgin, organic, and unrefined coconut oil?

Our deodorants use refined, deodorized coconut oil.

Why are natural deodorant sticks harder to apply?

 Our deodorants are 100% natural, so the consistency is different from other deodorants. Although our products are made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness, varying weather conditions and changes in temperature can cause the top of the deodorant to dry out. Oftentimes, taking off a bit of the top layer may help with application. Here are some other tips that will help you have a better experience with our 02 natural deodorants.

If you want a quick, easy application, you could also try our 01 natural deodorant sprays

Why does the deodorant cause skin irritation or give me red bumps or a rash when I apply it?

Typically, there are two reasons why this occurs. Either you’ve got trapped excess perspiration or a baking soda sensitivity. When you’re working out or moving around, your sweat glands are doing what they’re supposed to do – producing sweat. When you apply deodorant to your underarms, excess perspiration can sometimes get trapped in your underarms, which can cause itchiness, irritation, or inflammation. Once you start using our all-natural deodorants and your body learns to love them, you’ll start sweating noticeably less and you’ll know that your deodorant is doing its job.

If irritation occurs, we recommend taking a week-long break from the deodorant, which will likely resolve the irritation problem.

Alternatively, some people experience skin irritation because they are sensitive or allergic to baking soda due to its alkaline pH. In such cases, too much baking soda on the skin can feel abrasive and possibly cause a reaction. This can be easily rectified by reducing the amount of deodorant you apply to your underarms. 1-2 swipes is usually sufficient to keep you smelling clean and fresh.

It can be helpful to apply some aloe vera gel to sensitive areas before using our deodorant. Give it a try and see if it helps! We are currently working on a baking-soda-free deodorant, so be on the lookout for our announcement when it launches!

Do you have any questions about our deodorants? Ask us below! 

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