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Why Lavender is one of the most used essential oils

Considered the world’s most popular essential oil, Lavender has a stellar reputation for its sweet, floral aroma. It is considered a powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial and sedative properties, and its fragrance is calming and balancing for the mind and body. We know that there are many benefits to using Lavender oil, but we list out some of the most common (and not so common) uses.

Sweeps away the white flakes

Lavender oil helps restore scalp health, especially if you are annoyed by itchy and irritated scalp. Its antibacterial and soothing power has an effect on the health of the skin. Add a few drops of Lavender oil to Way of Will’s Hair Therapy carrier oil for a deeply hydrating and cleansing hair mask. Huge plus: it also promotes new hair growth!

Heals wounds

Lavender oil comes in handy for healing cuts, burns and wounds since it is an excellent antibacterial agent. The next time you have a cut, bee sting or open wound, mix 2-3 drops of Lavender oil with a little carrier oil and rub on the infected area.

Promotes relaxation and clarity

Lavender oil is aromatherapeutic in that it helps calm and relax the mind, which is effective for reducing anxiety and stress and helping you snooze soundly. Lavender oil’s mind-calming properties can actually be experienced using Way of Will’s Think Straight essential oil remedy, which helps reduce head tension and mental fatigue. Rather use an inhaler? Try out the 32 Cool Fix if you need to clear your mind before a training sesh. Need more of a reason to love Lavender? Check out this study on the link between Lavender oil and its effects on the nervous system.

Improves respiratory function

If you are feeling symptoms of the flu or common cold, try diffusing Lavender oil for its stimulating effects. Inhaling Lavender helps alleviate congestion and speeds up overall recovery. Add 5-6 drops of Lavender oil to your diffuser and watch things start clearing up (no pun intended.)

Clears and soothes skin

Lavender oil has antiseptic properties, which means that it supports healthy-looking skin. It is especially useful for people who have dry skin. If you have dry patches on your skin, you can add a few drops of Lavender oil to a carrier oil and rub the mixture on the dry area. When used in deodorant, Lavender conditions skin and calms irritation in the underarm area.

Alleviates premenstrual emotions

Many women experience symptoms of PMS a few days before their menstrual cycles, where they have mood swings and feel physical and emotional discomfort. In a study published in the Journal of BioPsychoSocial Medicine, Lavender oil was found to be aromatherapeutic in treating premenstrual emotions!

What can’t Lavender do, right? Do you use it to help you sleep? Tell us in the comments section below!

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