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Using essential oils safely with kids

Aromatherapy was not only created for adults. Children can benefit from aromatherapy in many ways. Since young kids are still developing their immune systems, they are prone to catching the common cold quickly or developing infections. Certain essential oils like Tea Tree are known as powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, making them an excellent source for preventing and eliminating disease. In other ways, children love to play! Scraped knees and cuts are common and can be minimized by using essential oils like Lavender, which is gentle on children and ideal for using on cuts and open wounds to prevent infections.

Is it safe?

Children are more sensitive and receptive to essential oils and their benefits. It is absolutely safe if used properly. Children are still tinier than adults and don’t require the same amount of essential oils as adults do. In other words, use extra caution when it comes to using essential oils on their skin. When it comes to essential oil dilution rates, Way of Will’s aromatherapist Jean Liao suggests a “0.2% dilution for children 2-years-old and younger, 1.5% for 2-6 years olds, and 2% for 6-15 year olds,. especially if it’s used on the body as massage oils.“ Jean says that percentage should be lowered by 50-75% for children with sensitive skin. Using the same oils for more than 10 days straight might also cause skin sensitization, so feel free to switch it up.  Jean says “it is best to alternate between different types of oils, but also for no more than 14 days straight. Take a break from using essential oils for at least one day in the week.”

What is the right age to introduce essential oils to kids?

You can introduce essential oils to newborns and onward following dilution guidelines, but should try to avoid using essential oils on children under two years old unless it is absolutely urgent as kids that age have very sensitive skin. If the formula is not properly diluted, it can cause unwanted skin complications.

What are the benefits?

For kids under six years of age, diffusing a blend of Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils is a great way to clear congestion and other respiratory issues, but be cautious with Peppermint essential oil around infants. Diffusing Sweet Orange in your child’s room is an ideal way to bring calm and focus back into their lives. If you want to help your kids get a more restful sleep, try diffusing Lavender essential oil in their bedrooms for about 15-20 minutes. Dealing with open wounds and cuts is no fun for you or your kid, but Lavender and Roman Chamomile, are natural and gentle healers.

Get to know which essential oils you should avoid using with kids!

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