Ultimate guide to diffusing essential oils

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Diffusing essential oils is an enjoyable activity for most people because different aromas have different effects on emotional state. A diffuser is a device or type of vaporizer used to release essential oils into the air, and there are many benefits to the practice of aromatherapy. Just to list a few, diffusing essential oils helps to purify the air we breathe and ward off illness, elevates mood, improves cognitive function, promotes better sleep, and ultimately relaxes and balances mind and body.

There are a few known methods of diffusing, but for the purposes of this blog, the most common method is using an electric or ultrasonic diffuser. An ultrasonic diffuser requires a bit of water and uses ultrasonic frequencies to break essential oils down to their base molecules in order for you to have an enhanced aromatherapy experience.

How can you begin diffusing? If you are a beginner in the essential oil space, we have a few tips you should follow to ensure a smooth start.

Choose a location

After you have your diffuser, pick a location to set it down and enjoy the mist. Way of Will’s ultrasonic diffuser is pretty simple to use. It is a high-quality diffuser that is made with LED lights. It releases a very fine mist that does not create humidity in the air or dampen any objects in the area.

Choose the right essential oils

If you are trying to improve your sleep, you might want to consider dropping in Lavender oil or Sweet Marjoram oil. To clear mental fog and improve memory, you might consider Rosemary oil. Each essential oil has its own benefits. So, make your pick and add some water! There are rate marks on the diffuser that tell you the maximum amount of water you can add.

Use a small dilution rate

If you are a beginner, we suggest starting off with 2-6 drops of essential oils to 180mL of water in your diffuser, just so the aromas do not seem overwhelming at first. Up your ratio and create essential oil blends as you become more comfortable.

Turn on your diffuser and enjoy

After you have completed the first three steps, go ahead and turn on your diffuser. As Way of Will’s certified aromatherapist Jean Liao would agree, do not blast your diffuser for hours straight! For beginners, we recommend diffusing for 15-20 minutes maximum, which should be enough time for the whole room to start smelling like a spa. As you use essential oils more and more, you can up your time to one hour per day. Give yourself long breaks between use. Using essential oils improperly or for too long can lead to serious skin burns, irritation and sensitization.


What’s your favorite diffusion method? Tell us in the comments section below!


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