This Small Fitness Tracker Does More

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We are fascinated by science and technology developments here at WILL and there's a new fitness tracker that has caught our attention. It just might be the smallest of it's kind out there. 

The BioRing is both tiny and mighty, tracking all sorts of things other trackers like FitBit and Jawbone don't. A few features that really piqued our interests are the BioRing's ability to not only track calorie burned, but monitor calorie intake as well, so you have a complete picture of what your nutrition is like on a day-to-day or moment-to-moment basis. This is endlessly helpful for those looking to maintain weight as one of their fitness goals. 

Another feature that's captured our attention is the BioRing's capacity to monitor your intake of things like protein. Protein intake is key to building and maintaining muscle mass and can often been a tricky component of nutrition to balance.  

Going beyond movement and nutrition, the BioRing can also monitor your sleep patterns and stress levels. When stress levels get too high the device sends you an alert to relax. The ring can also alert you to stay hydrated. It's really just a personal assistant that's tapped into your whole body, alerting you to extended periods of inactivity. Sitting too long at your desk? The BioRing will alert you, reminding you to hit the gym after work. 

We also love the simple and understated design of the BioRing made of ceramic zirconium. And we of course love all the data the ring can collect and graph with it's app. There's no better way to track your fitness and overall health. 

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