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Your Skin is Probably Dehydrated

Posted by Arthur Cunha on

You've probably heard someone describe their skin as dehydrated or seen products marketed towards dehydrated skin. It's easy to ignore these messages when you know your skin is oily, normal or a combination of both. 

However, it is important to understand that dehydration...

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Simple Self-Care Allies Men Will Love

Posted by Arthur Cunha on

Self-care is important. Anno 2019, it's the buzz word on everybody's lips. For good reason. It's precisely those love yourself first tweaks that will help replenish your long-lost fuels. You simply feel better when you stop taking the 'me'...

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Why Natural Deodorants have a harder texture?

Posted by Jasmine Piliposyan on

Finding the right natural deodorant for you can be quite a task and involve plenty of trial and error, but here’s something that most natural deodorants have in common: a firm texture.

We already told you why...

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