Meet the Roster: Michael Kong, Vancouver based coach!

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Michael chats about how he discovered fitness, what type of sweat he believes in, what his fav Way of Will products are, and shows us how to properly set up a spin bike!

Hi Michael! Tell us about you :)

I am a full time coach here in Vancouver annnnnnnnd (hahah) also a full time socialite. My true passion is people and I use my leadership in fitness to get others around me to open up about themselves and release their inhibitions about their lives - whether it be about their fears, their personal goals, but most importantly their sense of humor. I love making people LOL its the fastest way to get anyone to feel comfortable. So you could say my passion is to focus on being closer than a client's coach, I aim to know my clients and hang out with them not just in fitness based situations. I love being available and approachable as a buddy - and also really get a kick in making them sweat really hard. It just so happens that we are burning some cals while laughing our butts off.

What is your favourite way to sweat and how did you discover it?

I love sweating in any form that is messy and constant. I am a retired contemporary dancer and all we would do is sweat all day. Morning to night - constantly dripping sweat rehearsing and performing. That’s why RIDE and Tight Club come parallel to those long days of sticky sweat I used to have as a training and working dancer. Love sweating in groups sharing the same experience.

What was your biggest learning of 2016?

Life is strange and weird but exceptionally beautiful. Now or never. Actually I have two tattoos on my hips that sum it up “okay” and “let me live” (hahaha)

What keeps you motivated?What inspires you?

My friends are my motivation - they do everything excellently in their own out of the box and weird way. We all workout together, party together, keep updated with each other on the daily. They honestly make sure that I am always happy and as I do with them. It’s a modern family - so when I need that extra motivation or that push I hit our little (lol there are 15 of us) group chat - send some jokes about what’s going on - and then we just carry on with our lives. We go and take road trips together - camp - see nature - travel the world - visit each other's families - get tattoos. It’s silly but somehow maybe the most motivating thing I have in my life. I also have a pretty handsome boyfriend that gets me completely. He supports me during my happiest moods, sees eye to eye with my work ethic and even loves on me more on my grumpiest of days - it’s impossible to be unmotivated next to him because I think he’s looking for the same things in life. We just wanna laugh lots, and sweat lots, and enjoy our lives next to each other. To sum it all up strong healthy community is my biggest motivation.

In what moments in your life do you feel most powerful?

When everyone is happy, confident, strong, and capable. Its cheesy but if you can get a group to all feel that - than I feel powerful when others do too. HAhaha “POWER UP” is what I always make my classes chant.

Do you have any advice for our Way of Will Community?

Be a good person and laugh lots. Own your life and love it.

Also since I have started being an influencer for Way of Will I tell my clients when it gets hard in my classes this:

“WHEN IT GETS HARD YOU ARE PRETTY, SMART, HAVE NICE SKIN, GREAT HAIR, A NICE JOB, annnnnd YOUR ARE STRONG” hahaha - it’s true though - take care of your skin it’s a big confidence boost.

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