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Maria chats about how her inspiration and motivations, why it's her favorite way to sweat, her favorite Way of Will products, and shows us her favourite work out.

What is your favorite way to sweat and how did you discover it?

Any sort of cardio! With a background in dancing and a love of boxing I am drawn to exercises that get my whole body moving especially with rhythm and high intensity. My time dancing actually brought me to boxing, I was attracted to the footwork and rhythmic elements.
What was your biggest learning of the past year? 
Be confident in my decisions. Own what I want, unapologetically. 
What keeps you motivated? What inspires you?
New York City keeps me motivated AND the people of NYC inspire me. The city is always buzzing with energy, with passion, and with tenacity. Whenever I walk outside I try to take that all in and use it to stay engaged and grateful. 
In what moments of your life do you feel most powerful? 
On stage; either as a dancer or leading a class at Shadowbox. Moving with people or getting people to move makes me feel ready for anything. 
Do you have any advice for our Way of Will Community? 
This is a funny thing to say as a fitness instructor but my advice I live by is “Sometimes you need to be still and give happiness a chance to catch up”. People and trends are moving so fast these days I just think it’s important to slow down, turn off social media, and do things you want to do and make sure you appreciate what you’ve accomplished. It’s important to have goals and to be motivated, but it’s OKAY to sit back and just breathe sometimes. 
Meet Maria at Shadowbox in New York

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