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Hello, Way of Will Community! Meet Lili Viola, Lili is Classical Pilates instructor and with at least 15 years of experience on her belt. Lili Viola is the owner of Lili Viola Pilates; the only studio in Toronto teaching Classical Pilates on Gratz apparatus! In this interview, Lili Viola chats with us about what keeps are motivated, her biggest learning experience in the past year and how she discovered Pilates! 

Tell us about yourself!

I am a wife, a mother, a business owner, a movement teacher, an educator, and a dog lover!

What is your favorite way to sweat and how did you discover it?

I love to do Pilates, incorporating all of the apparatus, and working it to a fluid and vigorous pace that really makes me sweat. I also love to ride my bike daily and commute to work on my bike. And going outside for walks with my dog is a great way to end the day!

What was your biggest learning of the past year?

Addressing how I eat! I’ve embraced a ketogenic lifestyle that has really changed how I look, feel, and even how I think!

What keeps you motivated? What or what inspires you? 
Seeing people who are active and happy and able to lead a vibrant life well into old age! I want to be like that! Not slowed down by aches and pains but getting out there and enjoying life to the fullest!


In what moments of your life do you feel most powerful? 

When I am being of service to others and empowering them to live their most vibrant and healthiest lives! This is my passion and the reason I do what I do. It makes me so happy to be able to help others feel better, conquer pain, overcome obstacles and defy the odds. Teaching Pilates and helping others get healthy and increase their “WELLTH” is my superpower.

Do you have any advice for our Way of Will Community? 

Seek out practices that target the whole person and not just the body and how the body looks! The mind and the spirit need to be present and work in harmony with the body. Pilates for me is a complete marriage of mind, body, and spirit, but I also do things just for the spirit such as meditation, journaling, and prayer. And I also nourish my mind with inspirational and motivational and educational books. And these three practices: Pilates, meditation/journaling, and reading affect one another and better equip me to be healthier and happier.

Do you have any future plans we should know about?
My studio will be launching a FREE wellness book club once a month this fall to encourage studio and community members to learn more, explore more and get the support they need to live their best life.

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