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Meet the Roster: Josephine from Framewrk Studio!

Posted by Olympia L on

Josephine chats about Framewrk, talks to us about her favorite Way of Will products, and shows us an Essentrics Side Leg Lift workout.


Tell us about yourself!

I am Josephine Cuthill and I am an instructor at, and the creator of, Framewrk Studio in Toronto's Corktown/Riverside hood. I lead inclusive, unique, challenging movement classes to a growing community of inspiring and authentic people who want to feel at home in a studio and get involved in their fitness practice on a deeper level. I am passionate about helping people learn to love movement and respect their bodies and I love seeing a community of strong, solid and unique people some together in our studio to take part in Essentrics, Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Conditioning classes. I love learning more about how we move and what moves us and I want to share this love of movement that helped me live the best life I can live.

What is your favorite way to sweat?

With others. And with a killer playlist and challenging movement. In a group environment is where I'm at my best. I feel challenged, supported and have fun when I get to work with others and we all have a common goal! The energy is electric :-).

What was your biggest learning of 2016?

I opened Framewrk in 2016 so there was a lot of learning done. I learned that when starting something new everyone has their doubts and their struggles and there is a major learning curve with even the simplest of tasks. I also learned that if you want to succeed in anything it takes grit. You get up when you don't want to keep going, you move when you want to stop and you never let the internal voice telling you to give up win. It takes a lot of endurance in both physical and mental work to get through a tough task but the harder the task the better the results and that's why you see the top athletes so focused and mentally in tune - because it takes both to win. But I also learned that it is just as important to rest in between of the big pushes to recover and gain real strength. Again, like in physical performance you have to recover from the hard work and that's where all of the gains are.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the results of the work we do. Knowing that people are walking out happy and seeing where we want this to go it's all about taking note of what is happening but also knowing where we are going. I am motivated by seeing happy clients and by seeing people coming back over and over. It's not about the quantity for us - it's about the quality :-).

Who inspires you? 

My eight-year-old daughter, Annabelle. She's full of kindness and observation. She sees how the world should be in terms of fairness and common sense. She doesn't see it through eyes that have seen enough to make her skeptical or fearful or mean.

In what moments in your life do you feel most powerful?

While teaching and working with others to learn what makes us stronger and happier. When I am able to teach a difficult concept or I watch a student master the program this makes me feel strong. I also feel powerful when I am able to keep grace under pressure. My power comes from my ability to handle, steer and endure the difficult moments whether it's a mental or a physical challenge.

Do you have any upcoming plans we should know about?

To expand the Framewrk offering to bring in new and unique movement practices that are incredibly challenging and still respectful to the body and the emotional body too.

Do you have any advice for our Way of Will Community? 

Be you. There's nothing better than a person who is authentic and can be themselves while respecting everyone else's right to be themselves as well. The best you is the real you and people will relate better, trust you more and feel like they can be the real version of themselves too. 



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