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Meet Aimee! Aimee is a Barre3 instructor and owner of Barre3 Toronto and she's here to chat with us about her love for Barre3 and Way of Will products and her biggest learning experience in the past year.

Tell us about yourself?

I am originally from Texas and moved to Toronto in 2013 for my husband’s job. It has been an incredible journey filled with new friends and great adventures. Four years, two studios and two kids later we absolutely love it here. When I’m not teaching Barre3, we love to get outside and explore the restaurants, parks, and neighborhoods of the city.

What is your favorite way to sweat and how did you discover it?

My favorite way to sweat is Barre3! I took my first class in DC when we lived there for a year in 2012. I fell in love with the workout and the community that surrounds all B3 studios.

What is your biggest learning experience in the past year?

I’ve come to realize that 99% of the things that I worry about never happen. Between kids, two business and life in general, I’ve found that as long as you stay positive and live in the moment things tend to work out.

What keeps you motivated? What inspires you? 

My B3 team motivates and inspires me everyday. They are all so incredible. We are moms, students, entrepreneurs, actors, singers, dancers and business women. Their energy and passion is infectious and make me want to think and dream big.

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In what moments in life do you feel most powerful?

I feel powerful after teaching a great class where everyone felt connect and pushed their limits.

Do you have any advice for our Will of Way Community?

Be kind to yourself!

Do you have any future plans we should know about?

I do! I've just open a new Barre3 studio located in the heart of Leslieville at 1383 Queen St. East and we are opening two more locations in the GTA! Stay tuned!!

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