Meet the Roster: Julian, Founder of 2.0 Toronto!

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Julian chats with us about his passion, 2.0, his holistic lifestyle and more. Then, get inspired to bring your workout to the next level with Julian's Functional Conditioning 2.0.


Intention of video exercises is to showcase the diversity of training methodologies that I am currently practicing. This can be done as a follow-along sequence from start to finish, but would benefit more as inspiration for idea generation and creative approaches to advanced movement and kinesiology. Please consult a trainer before attempting exercises. The context is pre-season indoor training for an advanced fitness professional and multi-sport athlete. The purpose is management of holistic high performance capabilities and to increase neural plasticity. Benefits include increased adaptability, mind-body awareness, whole body integration, complex skill development, loaded and unloaded training, neuromuscular endurance, and overall well-roundedness.

Tell us about yourself!

  • Julian Ho, Fitness Coach & Entrepreneur
  • Founder of 2.0 Toronto
  • Equinox 
  • Group Fitness Instructor - Metcon3, Precision Running, The Pursuit, Cycling, Ropes and Rowers.
  • Adidas Coach and Ambassador

    What was your biggest learning of 2016?  

    Using the journey to authenticity as fuel to life. The journey inward is just as important as the journey outward. Fueling the journey with self-discovery can lead to deeper awareness and appreciation.   

    What keeps you motivated? 

    A sense of duty and obligation to help better the world with the gifts I have been granted. I have worked hard and smart to learn my gifts, sharpen them, and share them with those who support me. My duty is to my supporters, those who believe in my abilities. My motivation derives from the people of past that have paved the way, and to the future generations that will share our accumulated legacy.

    Who inspires you?

    I am inspired by my 2.0 Toronto team, tribe of presenters, and community at large. We all yearn to develop ourselves for the benefit of others. We are all in belief of a mosaic mindset, one that is a continual balancing act of yin and yang, emotional and logical, psychological and physiological, philosophical and physical, art and science. 

    Do you have any future plans we should know about? 

    On Sunday, May 28th, 2-5pm, our Spring Summit Conference will host 8 presenters of various movement disciplines ranging from yoga, pilates, athletic conditioning, dance, and flow movements. The conference is an experience that has been humbly regarded as the Ted Talks of Fitness and aims to showcase the diversity of the human body, mind, and spirit.    

    In what moments in your life do you feel most powerful?

    " Knowing others is intelligence;
    knowing yourself is true wisdom.
    Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."
    - Lao Tzu 

     I feel the most powerful when I am becoming.

    Do you have any advice for our Way of Will Community?  

    Stay curious. Listen to learn and learn to listen. Be better for others. Balance the yin and yang. Don't find yourself, create yourself. Just do you.


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