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Essential Oils + Lip Care

Posted by Yuli S on

Protect and repair are at the core of an active lifestyle. We warm up and cool down to protect and repair our muscles. We're knowledgeable about food and nutrients for much the same reason. More and more men are recognizing the need to include skin in to their whole body care practices. That care should also include your lips. 

When we first started developing WILL's initial line of products we knew it needed to have a lip balm. Designed to melt as soon as it hits your lips, our 18 Peppermint + Bergamot Lip Balm contains shea butter that creates a protective layer that also absorbs moisture from the environment. 

Expertly blended together the Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates blood circulation while waking up your nervous system and Bergamot soothes the mind. The combination's energizing scent has the added benefit of being right under your nose. So breath deep and take care of your lips! 

bergamont lip balm products

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