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5 Reasons Why We Love Natural Deodorant

Posted by Akwasi Himah on

In the modern world we have an abundance of knowledge about how to live a good, healthy life. We know to do things, such as avoid artificial, or chemical ingredients because they don't work well with your body's natural immune system. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Way of Will Natural  Deodorant to add to your wellness conscious lifestyle.

1. Immune System Symbiosis

The human body is an amazing creation. It can build, modify, heal and repair itself when you give it the right internal sustenance and external body care products. Those who live an active lifestyle understand this. Our Way of Will Deodorant works with your natural immune system. Because the skin and tissue of the armpit is the most absorbent in your whole body, healing properties applied to this area go directly to you lymphatic system.  This symbiosis gives you superior skin care.


2. Does Not Dry Out Your Skin

Is your skin dried out after bathing and applying deodorant? This is because most conventional bathing products are alcohol based. Alcohol removes your body's natural oils, leaving you with dry, unprotected skin. Our Way of Will All-Natural Deodorant has no alcohol, cancer causing aluminum compounds or synthetic oils. Our essential oils complement your body's natural oils, leaving your skin properly moisturized.



3. Natural deodorant that actually works

Many chemical-based, artificial deodorants dry out your body and your skin starts to crack. Why not start with an all-natural deodorant? One that actually works, and does what all the others on the market claim to do: keep you moisturized and help you feel refreshed all day long. Way of Will’s 100% Natural Deodorant works magic with it’s specially formulated blend of coconut oil, shea butter and kaolin clay designed to absorb sweat and keep your dry.  Mother Nature's essential oils complement your body's built-in moisturizing system. Peppermint essential oil leaves you with a cool, tingling sensation, while Spearmint adds a fresh aroma.



4. Natural Feels Better

Mother Nature has plenty of natural deodorants. Just think about all the scents nature has to offer from flowers to herbs, like peppermint. You don't need to cake on product. Achieve a superior odor using a better-feeling deodorant. Our all-natural deodorant is also better for after a workout, the Peppermint essential oils we use give you a tingling, refreshed sensation that’s how you know it’s work as hard as you are. It is all natural, just like your body!


5. Alarmingly Refreshing

Unlike most chemical-based deodorants on the market that use strong synthetic fragrances to masks odor, we carefully chose our essential oils base on the function and benefits of the ingredients. Not only do these essential oils in our deodorant have a natural fresh scent, they also have incredible properties Our deodorant packs a punch with two main ingredients: tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties to benefit your skin  and is an effective deodorizer and pumpkin seed that has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce redness and itching. Our Way of Will essential oil body care product is for those choosing active lifestyles. It is alarmingly refreshing.


More people are joining the natural health care wellness movement. You can purchase natural products that work more readily with your active lifestyle. Way of Will essential oils based products are ideal for improving health and wellness.

Ready to refresh your armpit?  


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