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3 tips for an easier natural deodorant glide

Making the switch to natural deodorant is an exciting and healthy decision for many people. Although, most natural deodorant sticks might be tough to apply because they are made with natural ingredients that define the rough texture. As you know, the underarm region is very sensitive and should be treated with the utmost care to avoid irritation. We have listed out some pro tips that might come in handy for an easier glide.

Tip #1 Apply natural deodorant to damp underarms

If you’re trying out natural deodorant for the first time, you can do a quick underarm wash while in the shower using water and a gentle soap to clear away any remaining residue left over from conventional deodorant. This step is not necessary, but can hasten the effectiveness of your natural deodorant. We recommend slightly wetting your underarms before applying natural deodorant to ensure a smooth glide. You can also wet a warm cloth and press against your underarms before application.

Tip #2 Store natural deodorant in a room temperature setting

Make sure the deodorant is stored in room temperature or a 60-70° degree room so the texture is soft enough for an easy glide. Natural deodorant contains healthy ingredients like coconut oil and organic beeswax, both of which can melt at hotter temperatures. Room temperature storage is just right for easy application.

Tip #3 Wet surface of natural deodorant

Instead of wetting your underarms, you can dampen the surface of natural deodorant before applying as another alternative to receiving that smooth glide.

Natural alternative to deodorant sticks

Don’t like using deodorant sticks? Deodorant sprays, like the 01 Bergamot and Elemi natural deodorant spray by Way of Will, are enjoyable to use. They contain healthy ingredients like the ones found in deodorant sticks, but only involve a few sprays in the underarm area. They are quick, easier to apply and are gentle and deodorizing. Similar to deodorant sticks, we recommend going through steps 1 and 2 listed above before applying your natural deodorant spray.

Have you ever used natural deodorant cream or any other deodorant product? Tell us more about your experience in the comments section below.


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