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Toronto Parks With Outdoor Equipment To Keep You Moving This Summer

Posted by Yuli S on

While Toronto might not have anything like Los Angeles Venice Beach we do have a number of parks with fitness equipment to keep you going during the warmer months.

In the heart of the Waterfront lives Little Norway Park. This nearly two and half hectare park is home to fun for people of all ages with it’s wading pool and lion’s head slide and greenspace. But there’s also some simple equipment in this park for those looking to get a few chin-ups in. Whether you’re stopping in while running on the lakeshore path or live close by this spot named for the Norwegian Air Force base that existed in this location at Bathurst and Queens Quay West, the two sets of bars can help you get in a little more into your workout.

Over on the East End of Toronto is Glen Ravine Park, which has some serious fitness equipment on it’s 2.4 hectares. Imagine being able to work on your upper body and core strength outdoors with a view of Toronto in full bloom on a nice day?

A Summertime favorite for both West and Eastenders alike, Balmy Beach has over 100 years of history and plenty to do. If swimming in Lake Ontario, baseball and lawn bowling aren’t for you there’s some pull-up bars along the beautiful boardwalk with a great view out on the lake. Plenty of people watching to be done in this popular park.

If you live or work in the Spadina area, take a little detour to Cecil Street to find Julius Deutsch Park. It’s not so much a park as a place to sit and relax, but also boasts some serious outdoor exercise equipment.

For a full list of parks in Toronto with outdoor equipment visit this list here.
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