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Condition More Than Your Body With Bergamot Essential Oil

Posted by Yuli S on

Here’s something you may not think of as you head out the door with your gym bag: your lips. Expertly blended essential oils like Peppermint and Bergamot go into our 18 Lip Balm. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of bergamot before. We’re here to tell you about this amazing fruit and the benefits of its essential oil on dry, chapped, and sensitive skin.

A citrus, often called sour orange, bergamot essential oil is derived using cold-press method, and is often the top note in perfumes. You might also know if for being the lemon-y taste that makes black tea into an Earl Grey. Bergamot has more to it than just it’s scent, it can uplift, relax and in a small part reduce anxiety.

Condition your lips all day, every day with our lip balm containing bergamot essential oil as part of your overall health plan in addition to eating well and working up a sweat.
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