Don't Leave Your Skin Out Of Your Fitness Plan

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You spend a lot of time honing your muscles at the gym, but maybe don’t leave time to take care of an equally important part of your body: your skin. At WILL we believe in the power of whole body care, and our skin is a big part of this. Our skin houses us and if we don’t give it moisture and nutrients it atrophies like any tissue found in the body.

Maybe you’ve tried moisturizers before but found they took too long to work into the skin and left you feeling greasy. We’ve formulated our Moisturizing Body Oils with this in mind. Unlike most moisturizers, body oils take just a drop or two and are drawn into your skin almost instantly, leaving you ready to face your day in no time.


06 Warm Up Moisturizing Body Oil  uses a blend of nutmeg and galbanum essential oils to act as a calming and rich whole body moisturizer. Nutmeg is known for it’s ability to aid in rheumatic joint pain and overexertion, making it the perfect post workout pick up. Apply a few drops after your shower to replace the oils in your skin removed by soap and water. Feel energized with nutmeg’s antiseptic and stimulating circulation aiding properties.
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