Put The Power of Grapefruit Into Your Workout

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You know the benefits of starting your day with a serving of fresh grapefruit but did you know this citrus fruit is also good for your skin and can help you power up for a workout?

Grapefruit essential oil has many great attributes, it can help with fatigue, loss of appetite, mild depression and is a great anti-microbial.  It can be used to improve your skin’s vitality with essential oil products like our 07 Breather Moisturizing Body Oil.  The antibacterial component of grapefruit essential oil helps to cleanse your skin and reduce blemishes, no matter how hard you’re sweating in your fitness routine. The combination of cedarwood and grapefruit essential oil is designed to stimulate and awaken your senses and linger with you, helping to activate your day.

Grapefruit essential oil  also acts as an antispasmodic, helping to soothe muscle you may have over extended in a particularly tough session at the gym. Rub some 07 Breather Moisturizing Body Oil into your skin and let it penetrate deep into your muscle tissue.

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