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Oh Canada: Get To Know How Black Spruce Essential Oils Can Help Your Fitness Routine

Posted by Yuli S on

Black Spruce has to be the most Canadian of scents. The distilled essence of the wilderness of Canada. While the scent alone is invigorating, with hints of woody earth, Black Spruce has properties that aid circulation and helps fight adrenal fatigue. Historically used in hot springs for centuries, it’s great for oily skin.

When paired with something like Rosemary in our 28 Trailblazer Energy Hydrating Face Spray there is the added benefit of headache relief. We think you’ll love using this stimulating facial spray before and after hitting the gym.

Black Spruce can also be matched with Black Pepper like we’ve done in our 25 Black Spruce + Black Pepper Beard Oil it’s undeniable the lasting power of these scents. Make sure you read this previous post on how to use beard oil and it’s many benefits including smelling hints of the woods all day long.

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