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Sometimes a good night's sleep can elude us. The team here at Way of Will has a simple recipe for you to try at home. With just a few of our essential oils and your diffuser you can forget about having to count sheep.

We love combining our essential oils to get the full impact of their individual benefits. Here at Way of Will we’ve come up with this simple blend to use in your diffuser to help get a better sleep.

Here’s why we choose these three essential oils. Lavender is a fresh floral that has a soft, relaxing and calming effect. Cedarwood has a tranquilizing effect, with a peaceful woody undertone that with soothe and calm your nerves to help you unwind. Lastly, the rich and sweet frankincense is there to add balance and calm.


4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

5 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil



The diffuser we use here requires water, but not all diffusers do. Make sure you follow your diffusers instructions when adding these ingredients. Simply add 4 drops Lavender Essential Oil, 5 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil and 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil to your diffuser and settle in for a better night’s sleep!


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