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There’s a lot essential oils can add to your life and keeping you and your gear clean and healthy is just the beginning. We here at Way of Will want to share with you a simple way to combine three germ fighting essential oils into one mega effective cleaning spray.  

Tea tree is a triple treat to forces that can make your gym and exercise gear carry an order and other harmful things. It has germ destroying properties that act against viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Lemon also combats germs and gives you the alternative of a crisp citrus scent. As always with a citrus essential oil, be careful not to get it directly on your skin. If you do, you can wash it off using a carrier oil and be sure to not expose the affected skin to sun for 24 hours, as it is phototoxic.

We love lavender essential oil for how versatile it is. It’s calming, smells great and has the same germ combating properties as tea tree and lemon oil.


22 mL distilled water

7 mL white vinegar

6 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

8 drops Lemon Essential Oil

6 drop Lavender Essential Oil

1 container for mixing

1 bottle with spray nozzle

To start you’ll need a container to mix in, and a bottle with a spray nozzle for your final product. Mix the distilled water and vinegar and transfer them into the spray bottle. Then directly into the spray bottle add 6 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil, 8 drops Lemon Essential Oil, and 6 drop Lavender Essential Oil.  

Now you have a cleaning spray that you can take with you to the gym and use on your bag and other gear. You can also use it at home on things like your yoga mat or jogging shoes.

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